Our Environmental Policies


We take our commitment to minimising Crookey Cottage’s impact on the environment very seriously, and had our efforts rewarded with Trip Advisor Green Leaders Silver level awards in 2014 and 2015.

Some of what we are able to do is by happy coincidence:

  • Our water supply is taken directly from a mountain stream, Stonebarrow Ghyll, so the only treatment it receives between there and your bathroom tap is via two cotton filters and an Ultra-violet light tube.
  • After use, it is passed through a septic tank and limestone soakaway; eventually making its way into Goldrill Beck, where Stonebarrow Ghyll discharges naturally
  • We have around 12 acres on the farm under woodland, so both of our woodburning stoves are fed by homegrown timber produced as part of the woodland’s sustainable management.
  • We are lucky enough to still have a milk delivery in Patterdale, so your breakfast milk is delivered three times a week in reusable glass bottles.

And some of what we do is by design:

  • Our second woodburning stove is fitted with an efficient back boiler and provides hot water and heating to the guest bathroom in all but the warmest of weather.
  • We line dry our laundry whenever possible, only resorting to indoor drying when the rain really sets in!
  • All cleaning and laundry products are natural and biodegradable, with Ecover and Bio-D particular favourites. Windows get the traditional newspaper and vinegar treatment once a month.
  • We buy our electricity from Ecotricity – not the cheapest on the market but every kW used is generated from 100% renewable sources, and all profits are reinvested in new renewable energy projects..
  • All food waste is either composted or fed to our dogs, hens and Angora goats
  • We are careful to minimise the quantity of packaging brought back to Crookey Cottage, and 95% of what we do bring back is recycled or burned along with garden waste. In four seasons operating as a B&B, we have sent less than one full bag of waste to landfill.
  • All lighting is provided either by low energy fluorescent bulbs or LED/SMD spot bulbs–when we swapped out the old halogen spots this achieved an 80% reduction in energy used to light the en-suite guest room.
  • Fixtures and fittings have been selected for quality and longevity, thus removing the need for regular replacement.
  • Food for your breakfast and packed lunches is sourced as locally as possible, keeping food miles to a minimum.